Kotata Developments is proud to be part of the KiwiBuild programme

The government has established KiwiBuild to help stimulate the supply of quality, affordable homes for New Zealanders who have been locked out of the housing market. To achieve KiwiBuild’s objective of putting home ownership within reach of more New Zealanders, eligible buyers must:

  • be a first-time buyer or a ‘second-chancer’
  • have an income of less than $120,000 for a single applicant or no more than $180,000 for more than one purchaser
  • be a New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident or ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • intend to own and live in the home as their principal place of residence for at least three years.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in a KiwiBuild home at Kotata Heights, you need to complete the pre-qualification process and provide documentation to verify your eligibility, including pre-approval of finance. Once pre-qualified, you can then purchase KiwiBuild homes.

For more information about KiwiBuild, including the full eligibility criteria and the pre-qualification process, please visit kiwibuild.govt.nz or call 0800 521 107.

Stage 02 of Kotātā Heights

Stage 01 map

All lot sizes subject to final survey and boundary placement.

Kotātā Heights Development Lot Details

Lot Location Bedrooms Price Details
02 4 Limerock Lane 3 $500,000 View
04 8 Limerock Lane 3 $500,000 View
05 10 Limerock Lane 3 $500,000 View
09 6 Suncrest Lane 2 $460,000 View
03 6 Limerock Lane 2 $460,000 View
16 9 Titiro Street 3 $500,000 View
25 3 Topfield Place 3 $500,000 View
17 7 Titiro Street 2 $460,000 View
11 10 Suncrest Lane 3 $500,000 View
10 8 Suncrest Lane 3 $500,000 View

Site plan for Kotātā Heights development

Stage 01 map