Kotātā Heights Covenants

Covenants are a common and useful way to protect your property investment. They ensure that residents who purchase and build in a new subdivision can be confident they will be surrounded by new houses built to similarly high standards as their own.

Did you know?

  • One way we’re building a safe and connected neighbourhood at Kotātā Heights is to encourage owners/occupiers, rather than investors (all new homes are subject to a rental restriction for the first three years). We know that when people are living in their own homes, they’re more motivated to maintain and improve their property, which leads to greater community pride and is great for the neighbours!

  • Getting onto the housing ladder with your first home can be really challenging, especially when trying to meet the strict covenants of some new subdivisions. At Kotātā, we have sections in Stages 3, 4C and 4D that allow for smaller, more affordable, homes (minimum 100m2 excluding garage in Stage 3, and minimum 100m2 including garage in Stage 4C and 4D). Build your dream home at a size you can afford, in a growth area at market entry-level prices. When it comes to housing, these days bigger isn’t always better.

  • We want to protect your investment and ensure those living in the Kotātā community are living in safe, warm and dry homes that are built to last. This is why covenants on sections in Stages 4C and 4D ensure that all new homes are built to a high standard using new and proven building materials. This is great for you, and great for your neighbours, as it also protects their investment in this new community.

  • Neighbourhood pride is important, as it leads to a safer, more connected community. Our covenants at Kotātā support pride in place by encouraging all homeowners to maintain their landscapes and fencing to a minimum standard so that everyone can enjoy a nicer way of life.

  • Covenants at Kotātā Heights do not allow second-hand houses to be relocated onto sections in the community. Cabins or other temporary accommodations are also not permitted in sections. This provides a consistent approach to development in the community and gives residents the confidence they will be surrounded by homes built to a similarly high standard as their own.